National Wine & Cheese Day is July 25. Celebrate this ultimate pairing with Mount Nittany wines and Amish-made Goot Essa cheeses. What follows are some basic guidelines:
Pair Salty and Sweet – A salty cheese pairs well with a sweet dessert wine. A classic choice would be Goot Essa Blue Cheese with our Vermelho port-style wine or Autumn Nectar dessert wine.
Match Acidity with Acidity – A higher acid cheese, such a young Goot Essa Goat Cheese, works very well with a higher acid white wine, such as a Mt. NIttany’s Sauvignon Blanc.
Offer Creamy with Tannic – A creamy, higher milk fat cheese, such as Goot Essa’s Camembert, will offset the higher tannins found in our Montage or Cabernet Sauvignon and bring forward the fruit flavors in the wine.