Thirty years ago this month, my dad and mom (Joe and Betty Carroll) stood behind the counter in the tasting room, offering free wine tastings to anyone who could find the winery. In those days signage was limited – GPS non-existent.

Joe had been an amateur winemaker for years starting in the 1970s, learning the craft from local aficionados and other winemakers across the state at a time when there were only 30 wineries in Pennsylvania. In 1987, Joe and Betty began planting what would become a six-acre vineyard. The winery building was completed a couple years later.

In those early days, my husband Steve and I used to come up from Pittsburgh to help harvest the grapes with our three boys in tow. I always loved coming back to State College (I grew up here) and we were thrilled to move back in 2014. We succeeded my parents as owners in 2016.

As both of us had business backgrounds, we were not daunted by running the operation, but the wine making . . . now that had to be done by a professional. And we found one in Scott Hilliker! It’s been a wonderful working relationship. Scott has proven himself time and again, a highlight being when we were awarded “Best of Show Dry Wine” for our 2016 Chardonnay Reserve by the Pennsylvania Wine Association.

One way we’re celebrating this 30-year milestone is by offering a special mid-year case sale. We hope you will take advantage of it and, again, thank you so much for your continued patronage!

Linda Carroll Weaver, Owner & General Manager